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Surprises of the Heart:  Part III

          When Virtue came to she was lying in her bed.  Slowly she sat up.  She felt a little dizzy at first but that soon passed.  When she was sitting up fully, and the dizziness had gone, she realized that she wasn’t alone.  There was someone at the end of the bed, pacing back and forth.  It took her a moment to remember.

     “Damon?”  He turned to her, walked to sit beside her on the bed.

     “Are you okay now?”

     “What happened?”

     “How much do you remember?”

     “I remember we were eating, well, I was eating, and then I remember you kissed me, and then you, well, read my mind, and then I remember you told me you were a. . .”  She looked into his eyes.  “A vampire.”

     “Anything else?”

     “I remember you bit me.”  She didn’t look angry with him.  For some reason Damon felt relief shoot through him.  “And then we were talking.”  She continued.  “But we weren’t.”  Her face was puzzled. 

     “How is that possible?”

     “Because we weren’t talking.”  He told her.  “Not physically anyway.  It was in your mind.”

     “In my mind.”  She shook her head.  “Well, that makes a lot of sense.  Anyway, then . . . then. . .”

     “Then you fainted.”  He looked at the bed covers.  “That was my fault.”  Then he looked into her eyes.  He wasn’t a coward.  He didn’t back down from things.  “I took too much blood.”  His voice was straightforward, direct.

     “Too much blood.  What exactly does that mean?”  She asked.

     “It means,” He told her “That you’ll have to take it easy for a while.”  She actually gave him a smile.

     “You better be glad it’s Friday then and I don’t have work tomorrow.”  Damon studied her.  Once again she’d managed to surprise him, when before that night he’d thought it impossible for someone to truly surprise him.

     “I guess I better.”

     “So,” she asked him.  “About this vampire thing of yours.  How exactly does it work?  I mean, what are the rules?  I mean. . .”  He interrupted her.

     “I think I know what you mean.  Well, basically I’m like you, only better.”  He paused.  “I mean that I’m stronger than most humans, and I can, as you found out, read minds.  I can also turn into a crow.  And before you ask, yes I can go out in sunlight, due to this here.”  He showed her a ring on his finger.  “I have to feed, usually once a day.”  He shrugged.  “That’s the way it is.  But don’t worry.  I don’t need to kill anyone.”  Virtue’s head was spinning.  So much information.  And he was so straightforward about it.  “Now,” he said, leaning toward her.  “What do you say we save the rest of this conversation for later?  It’s getting boring right now, and I can think of other things that I’d much rather be doing.”  Just before his mouth touched hers Virtue replied.

     “I think that’s an excellent idea.”

     Sunlight was streaming in through the window the next morning, illuminating the room.  Virtue opened her eyes to it slowly, feeling sleepy and satisfied.  She could feel Damons body next to hers and snuggled closer.  It felt so nice to wake up in his arms.  Of course, they were both fully clothed.  To be sure she’d been tempted, but Virtue was an old fashioned girl and didn’t sleep with a man on the first date.  Besides, they’d have plenty of time.  Now, Damons feelings on the subject might be a little different.  Virtue smiled.  Actually, she had a feeling they were very different, which made it all the
nicer that he’d made no objections.  Reaching up, she ran her fingers through his hair.  His eyes opened immediately.  He reached for her hand, brought it to his lips.

     “Morning love.”

     “Good morning.”  Her smiled widened.  “Did you sleep well?”

     “Wonderfully.”  He told her.  “Of course, there’s one thing that could have made it better but. . .”

     “Don’t push it.”

     “Wouldn’t dream of it.”  A gleam came into his eyes.  “Well, maybe dream.”  She slapped his arm lightly.

     “Yeah yeah.  Anyone ever tell you you’re impossible?”

     “Impossible?”  He asked.  “Really?  In what sense?”

     “Oh shut up and kiss me.”  She told him.


     “I love you.”  She whispered when they parted.  He ran his hand down her hair.  His eyes were serious.

     “I love you too.”  And Damon knew, without a doubt, that this time it was true.
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