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Thea Harman

Thea Harman was first introduced to us in Secret Vampire as one of Ash’s cousins who allowed Poppy to feed on her when she was starving.  Therefore, even our first glimpse at Thea showed that she had a good heart and thought of others.  The next time we see Thea is in Spellbinder where she falls in love with a human boy, Eric Ross, eventually giving up her world for his.  Later both Thea and Eric are shown to us as members of Circle Daybreak in the book Soulmate.

     Thea Harman has a good heart, shown in Secret Vampire when she helps out Poppy and during many instances in Spellbinder.  She’s the kind of person determined to do what’s she knows is right, even though it may not always be what others see as right.  Because of this, she heals Eric’s snakebite and tries to keep him away from the harm Blaise will do.  She also goes after the spirit she let free, even though it’s dangerous to do this on her own.

     On the other hand, Thea is a bit prejudiced against humans in the beginning.  She makes more than one comment saying things like “Humans were stupider than chickens” but you get a feeling that this prejudice comes from fear, since she also states that “and where humans loved to kill anything different.”  She begins to change a little though.  Even in the beginning, when Dani talks about prejudice against humans, saying that they had their own prejudices, Thea says “well, two wrongs don’t make a right.”  Of course, when she falls in love with one in the end, she has to admit that humans are a little bit more intelligent than poultry.

     Thea has a close relationship with Blaise and even though you don’t know whether or not they’ll see each other in the future, during the events of Spellbinder this relationship was extremely important.  Thea wanted to help the people that Blaise was hurting but she also didn’t want Blaise mad at her.  She was always trying to explain away Blaise’s actions, saying that it was just the way Blaise was.

     Thea loves animals, and it’s this love that brought her and Eric together in the first place.  There’s no place in her world for loving animals though, and it bothers her.  Thea’s loyal, not only to Blaise but to the Night World.  She does whatever she can to try not to break Night World law.  Unfortunately, she couldn’t do anything about the fact that her and Eric were soulmates.

     Thea’s main change has to do with simply realizing that sometimes you can’t always stick to tradition.  She learns that sometimes, in order to make things right, you have to break certain rules.  Her love for Eric gives her an incentive, but in the end I think she realized the importance of having things change and evolve, because that’s simply the way that life works.

Quotes From:
Spellbinder by L.J. Smith

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