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About Me
Name:  Katherine Clay

Age:  19

Occupation:  Community College student, English major

Location:  Northern California

Aspiration:  To become a professional novelist
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My Writing

     When I was five I wrote my first book, my own version of Peter Pan.  Okay so I didnít actually write it.  I drew the pictures and told my mom what to write and finished it up by stapling the pages together.  Anyway, that was when I told my mother I was going to be a writer when I grew up.  I havenít changed my mind since.  In elementary school I read a poem for a talent show even though I thought Iíd die of stage fright.  The summer before my freshman year of high school I attended the California State Summer School for the Arts on a full scholarship for creative writing.  Iíve had a few poems published in anthologies.  Iíve written two young adult novels as well as one aimed at adults.  Although theyíre not published yet I have gotten some encouragement and intend to keep on trying.

My Major

     English is the second of two majors I was considering.  The other one was anthropology which I fell in love with when I picked up a book on cultural anthropology my senior year of high school.  I took an introductory class (all thatís offered at my school) and enjoyed it immensely.  Itís fascinating how different cultures can be and yet how startlingly similar.  I finally decided on English because as much as I loved anthropology I love reading and writing more.  Other interests come and go but my adoration of literature is constant.  I read pretty much anything and everything I can get my hands on.  I tend to find young adult books a little more intriguing than literature aimed at adults.  Itís hard to explain why.

My Wish

     If I could have one wish it would be to make people more tolerant and open-minded of others differences because I think that people miss out on a lot due to prejudice.  They stop seeing people as people and start seeing them as ideas or views.  I donít believe that this is helpful to any of the people involved and simplifies the complexity that makes up human beings.
If you want to know more:  Visit my site  (For some reason I'm no longer able to edit this site, so it won't do you much good to visit.  Sorry!)