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Dark Angel

     Ive already written up an essay on Dark Angel which examines it more in depth but thought that before I sent you on to the essay Id make a few comments here.

     Dark Angel, as you will find, plays on a theme that was first brought up in the book right before it, Spellbinder.  That theme is spirits.  In Spellbinder Thea Harmon was forced to send away a spirit, a spirit who wasnt really evil but was out for revenge.  In Dark Angel you have another spirit who seems evil but who really isnt, whos simply, as I state in my essay, misguided in his lonliness.

     Dark Angel also brings back a character from Secret Vampire and Daughters of Darkness, Ash Redfern.  We get an update on how Ash is doing now that hes not in Briar Creek with Mary-Lynnette. 

And now,
the essay examining Dark Angel's merits.