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Eric Ross

       Thea Harmans human soulmate from Spellbinder, Eric Ross aspires to attend U.C. Davis and become a veterinarian.  Hes sensitive and somewhat shy.  He says to Thea I have a hard time thinking of things to say around girls.  Hes worried when hes staring at her that shes going to get mad.  Hes definitely not Mr. Outgoing though he is well liked.

       Hes extremely polite.  Instead of telling Blaise to get lost he always makes an effort to be nice to her.  He worries about hurting peoples feelings such as when he tells Thea that he finds her grandmothers shop interesting, that he believes that people can really affect their bodies by changing their state of mind.  Thea knows hes not really into it but hes trying to be nice.

       Eric works at a vet hospital and is an athlete at school.  He seems to be well liked.  Hes got a little sister named Rosamund whom he obviously loves.  He even takes her to her lawyers office when shes trying to sue the Boy Trekkers for not letting girls join them.

       Erics got a stubborn streak.  He goes against Theas advice when he lights the fires early to keep the kids safe from the spirit Thea let loose.  He attacks Randy with a cup of punch at the dance, and he tells the Inner Circle that the rule about humans and Night people not being allowed to fall in love is stupid.

       Erics main change in the book is that he goes from being a skeptic, thinking that her grandmothers shop is odd and such, to learning to accept the fact that Thea is a witch.  I will admit though that its not a very obvious change and Eric is one of the only characters Ive read about in an L.J. Smith book that Ive had trouble seeing as multidimensional because we dont really see any weaknesses in him.  Other than that I have no complaints about Eric Ross.

Quotes From:
Spellbinder by L.J. Smith