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Hello and welcome to Reflections on L.J. Smith.  To get an idea of what you'll be able to find on this site, now and in the future, read it's explanation for existence below.  Use this form to tell me what you think.  Questions? 
To Sum it All Up:  Summaries and Reviews of L.J. Smith's books, both the trilogies and the Night World series. 
Continuing the Journey:  Links to other interesting L.J. Smith sites.
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Essays on L.J:  Closer examination of the characters, stories, and subjects of L.J. Smith's books.
Explanation of Existence:  The Purpose of This Site
Who's Who:  Analysis of the characters in L.J. Smith's work
About Me:  Just in case you're interested.
For Fun:  After all that serious analyzing, it's time for a break
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August 10, 2002:  I'm nearing the end of my novel and classes are coming up soon, but I promise I'll get some sort of new content up here this month.  So sorry for the lack of updates.  By the way, if you have any advice for improving the site, you can always e-mail me or use the form (links are above.)

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Coupled:  An examination of each of L.J. Smith's main couples, from both the Night World and the trilogies. 

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