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     Thea and Blaise Harman were first introduced to us as Ash’s cousins in Secret Vampire.  In Spellbinder we get a closer look at these characters, specifically Thea.  Thea and Blaise are cousins living with their grandmother.  They’ve apparently been kicked out of schools more than once due to Blaises activities which seem to involve a lot of toying around with human boys.  The first day at the new school the girls meet Eric Ross, an evidently attractive human with a love of animals, something that he and Thea share.  Blaise decides that Eric would be the perfect toy, but Thea, determined to keep Eric safe, fights her cousin on it.  In her fight to protect Eric, Thea lets loose an evil spirit that must then be hunted down and sent back to where it came from.  There’s another problem as well, Thea is getting too close to Eric.  He’s being drawn into her world.  She’s falling in love with him, and as everyone knows, falling in love with a human is against Night World law.  The surprising ending shows us the power of love and the soulmate connection as Thea gives us everything that she knows and cares about to be with Eric.

     The romance in this book is the real interest.  While the rest of the plot is decent it’s not nearly as interesting without the romance wrapped around it.  That Thea gives up everything for Eric is startling.  Sure, in Secret Vampire Poppy seemed to give up everything for her soulmate, but then she was also dying so there was another incentive.  Thea on the other hand wants only to be with Eric.  Blaise is an interesting character who at first seems terrible and then, as the reader gets to know her, turns out to have a heart after all.  Good book, and the first one to feature a witch as a main character, introducing us to another part of the Night World.