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April 2003:  Where can I find information on Strange Fate?

Quick Answer: 
The NightworldStrange Fate Update

     Strange Fate, the tenth book in the Night World series, is probably the most talked about LJS subject around and while that's not surprising, the number of people who don't realize this page exists is.  It's been up for a long time and is on one of the best LJS sites out there.  It's a great resource.  Next time you want information, don't e-mail a webmaster.  Visit the Nightworld.
Reflections on LJ Smith
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July 2003:  I'd like to write to LJ Smith.  What's the address?

L.J. Smith
c/o Archway Books
1230 Avenue of the Americas
New York, NY 10020

     Like most writers, you can try to contact LJ Smith in care of her publisher, this time at Archway Books.  While I'm not in personal contact with the author and thus don't know if anyone's gotten a reply, my guess is she probably likes to hear from fans.  So pull out those pens and start writing.
May 2003:  No Question
June 2003:  No question