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L.J. Smith

      Lisa Jane Smith is the author of four trilogies, one series and two companion novels.   Find a complete listing of her books below.  L.J. Smith's books deal with such subjects as vampires, witches, shapeshifters and psychics.  They are well written and despite being labeled "young adult," appeal to people of many ages.    The links below will lead you to pages where you can read reviews and purchase her books.  If you're looking for internet sources, try some of the sites I've listed in
the link section, mostly The Night World and Joyland Park whose series section is extremely well done.  Once you've read the books and are ready to explore them deeper, which I guarantee you'll want to, come back here.  It'll make a whole lot more sense.
Introduction to L.J. Smith

  Want to know where to purchase your LJ Smith books?  While I can't promise to help out everyone, I do have some help for my fellow Americans.  First of all, each book in the list below that is listed at Amazon is linked to there.  Many are available.  Others are out of print but you can read the descriptions, decide if they sound interesting and try searching for them other places like which is where I purchased most of my Night World books.  The key is to be persistant.  It took me a year to get The Chosen, longer for Night of the Solstice, but I finally did.  Whatever you do, don't give up.

      Anyone else have tips? 
E-mail me and I'll post them.  I'd especially like to be able to help those in the UK and other countries.

Reflections on LJ Smith
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   -Contributed by Shadow who says both ebay ones are useful and that Abebooks has "loads of out of print books."  So check them out!