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Who's Who:  Characters in L.J. Smith's Work.
     Here I'll examine the main characters of L.J. Smith's books.  The concentration will be on how the characters change and evolve and every attempt will be made to really get below the surface of these characters.  As you can tell, this section might take a while to be finished.  It will be finished though.
Reflections on LJ Smith
Since 05/30/02
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Adam Conant
Diana Meade
Faye Chamberlain
The Henderson brothers:  Chris and Doug
Suzan Whittier
Kori Henderson
Gary Fargeon (Angel)
Rashel Jordan
John Quinn
Hannah Snow
Thierry Descoudres
Morgead Blackthorn
Maggie Neely
Delos Redfern
Galen Drache
Illiana Harman
Rob Kessler
Anna Eva Whiteraven
Lewis Chao
Stefan Salvatore