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Explanation of Existance:  The Purpose of This Site

Most L.J. Smith sites do one of two things: 

     1) Provide surface content.  Examples?  Summaries from the backs of the books, VERY basic character descriptions, general quotes, short one paragraph essays, e.t.c

     2) Provide L.J. Smith based content that is simply for fun.  Examples?  Funny interviews, games, e.t.c

I am not against any of the above.  I simply felt that a few things were missing:

     1) Summaries and reviews that examine how the books relate to each other (such as the Night World series) through either characters, theme, or subject.

     2) Character descriptions that go beyond the surface, that say more than that this character was evil or this character was good.  True examination of what makes each character tick.

     3) Longer, more involved essays on themes, subjects, characters, and stories, such as why, even though a lot of male characters seem to have that tough guy exterior, they’re really quite different.

Therefore this site has been created to provide a more serious examination of L.J. Smith’s work, something that I felt was missing from most L.J. Smith sites.  And now, why don’t you begin your journey?  Let us reflect upon L.J. Smith and her books.

Reflections on LJ Smith
Since 05/30/02
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