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Continuing the Journey
     Here you'll find links for other L.J. Smith sites in order to help you continue the journey into the wonderful world of LJS.
Reflections on LJ Smith
Since 05/30/02
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Night World:  A large site with lots of content.  A must visit for L.J. Smith fans
Twilight Tales:  The largest collection of L.J. Smith fanfic that I've come across.  They categorize it well so it's easy to find what you're interested in.
Night Games:  I mainly like this site because of the reviews they do of other L.J. Smith sites.  Definitely worth visiting.
Forbidden Tales:  An interview with L.J. Smith.  I don't know about you, but I jump at the chance to learn anything about this author.
Joyland Park:  This is fast turning into my favorite L.J. Smith site.  More details about the books than most sites offer and original essays on various aspects of L.J. Smith's work.
Vedesca's Domain:  Some original site content here, including an LJS dictionary and timeline.  Definitely worth checking out.
Anguish:  The best shrine to one of L.J. Smith's characters that I've seen.  Great for fans of Stefan Salvatore from The Vampire Diaries
LJS Link Directory:  Looking for  even more LJS sites?  Find them here.
Scorpio Boy:  A fan of the other Salvatore brother?  Visit this site and explore Damon from The Vampire Diaries.
Vagrant Flare:  Read Spellbinder?  Did you find Blaise interesting and are you hungering for more than my analysis could offer?  This is the place for you.
Sacrifice:  While there is another character shrine to Ash Redfern (Redemption), something about this one appeals to me and hopefully will to you too.