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Romance is an important element in many of L.J. Smith's novels.  It's in this section that I plan to explore the romantic relationships of each of L.J. Smith's main characters.  My intent is to explain why I believe each couple is drawn to one another and why they are suited to each other.  My analysis is on the eventual relationship each character ends up in and though there will undoubtedly be references to other relationships the eventual one is the focus, meaning for example that you'll find a listing for Cassie and Adam but not for Cassie and Nick.  I might decide to do those later.
Night World
The Secret Circle:  Cassie and Adam
The Vampire Diaries:  Elena and Stefan
Spellbinder:  Thea and Eric
Dark Angel:  Gillian and David
The Chosen:  Rashel and Quinn
Soulmate:  Hannah and Theirry
Huntress:  Jez and Morgead
Black Dawn:  Maggie and Delos
Witchlight:  Keller and Galen
Reflections on LJ Smith
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