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Summer Parker-Pearson

  Summer Parker-Pearson is the one of Jenny Thornton’s friends in The Forbidden Game that we don’t learn much about since she’s absent from part of the first book, the entire second book, and most of the third book.  She appears very childlike and innocent.  When we first meet her she’s standing on Jenny’s doorstep, freezing in the cold weather and asking “How’re we going to go swimming, Jenny?”  Summer’s biggest nightmare is a dirty room and Summer is the only one who doesn’t make it through her nightmare.  The only reason that she lives is that Julian decides to save her at the last minute.  She does show some growth.  In the end it’s Summer that makes the surprisingly thoughtful comment about Julian that “Julian said the world was evil and horrible—remember?  But then he proved himself that it wasn’t.”  So maybe there are depths to Summer’s personality after all.  I guess we’ll never really know.

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The Forbidden Game trilogy by L.J. Smith
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