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     Would you like to help me out on this site by submitting your own character analysis or essay?  If so, directions follow.  Don't forget to tell me how you want me to credit you, and if you have an LJ Smith site, by all means tell me if you want a link to it included.  I'll check your work and e-mail you when I post it on the site.
                      Character Analysis

Choose a character that has not yet been analyzed.  This can be determined by looking at the Who's Who page.  Write up an analysis that answers the questions below.  When you're finished, e-mail it to me at:

     You can refer to mine for an example, and of course are welcome to add other info if you desire.  The goal is to look at this character as a person, with all of the intricacies and complications that come with it.

Required Character Information
1)  Name
2)  Age or year in high school
3)  Status:  Main character, friend of main character, e.t.c.
4)  Personality in beginning of book
5)  How does this character change throughout the book that makes them a better person in the end?  What circumstances may have caused this?

     Choose a topic and write it up.  My main criteria is that it must be original and fully explored.  This means:

1)  Don't rehash something that's been done a dozen times before unless you have a very unique way of coming at it or something worth adding. 
2)  Any topic worth looking at will merit more than ten sentences, at least a few paragraphs.  Your thoughts and opinions should be explained fully.

     When you're done, e-mail it to me at: 

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