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Reflections on LJ Smith

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     April 2, 2003:  Another major change in appearance, I know, but isn't this better than the other one?  Links to all of the main sections can now be found down the left side.  For more detailed explanations of links, look under this update.  There's a new feature called "Navigatng the LJS Web."  You submit questions and I'll tell you where to find the answer.  This month:  Where can I find information on Strange Fate?  I decided to get rid of my book summaries.  Instead  there's an Introduction to LJS section with resources for newbies.  For seasoned readers there's a character analysis of Kaitlyn Fairchild and an addition to the link section for a great essay at L.J. Smith.Org.  Last, there's a simpler URL available for this site:

Reflections on L.J. Smith

Digging below the Surface
Welcome!  To get an idea of what you'll be able to find on this site, now and in the future, read it's purpose, aka it's explanation for existance.  Use this form to tell me what you think.  Questions?  E-mail me.

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